SOS Pest Control Featured on KPIX 5 News

SOS Pest Control was featured last night (January 12, 2016) as experts in their field on San Francisco Bay Area’s KPIX Channel 5 News. Owner Carol Williams explains how ants operate and what can be done to keep your home from an ant invasion.

With El Niño rains hitting the bay area, there is a serious concern about bay area homes suffering ant invasions. Ants are similar to humans in that they need shelter from heavy rainfall and flooding and easy access to food and water supplies. What better situation could they find than YOUR home this winter?

We’re not talking about just a few ants, we’re talking about colonies of ants. This isn’t a situation that can be fixed with a can of bug spray or a few ant spikes placed under the sink. There are professional preventative measures that can be taken and professional pest control solutions if your house gets invaded by food and shelter seeking ants.

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Take a look at the video <HERE> or by clicking on the photo below:


sosSOS Pest Control Featured on KPIX 5 News