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Termite Damage
Damage from termites often begins with a home’s foundation. Shelter tubes are a sign of termites. They like to attack any exposed wood, especially if it reaches the ground. Also, plumbing or water pipes are favored entry points.

Walls are a home’s most vulnerable location to termites. Most are easily accessible from the ground, have plentiful food, and hide invaders. Damage can appear as chewed or hollow spots, water markings, or piles of wings.

Termites destroy many materials used in building a home. Ceiling damage often looks like light water damage. If present, inspect the area immediately. Chewed wood, insulation, and piles of wings are all signs of termites.

Termites will tunnel through a house creating extensive damage when looking for food. This can cause things like laminate flooring to collapse. Pest experts have the tools to safely detect termite infestations within a home.

The most expensive and complex to repair damage a termite can do is structural. They are able to weaken a home’s entire support system which makes it unsafe for living. Electrical and plumbing components are at risk, too.

Boat / Yacht Damage
Termites damage more than just homes. Anything made with wood is fair game including boats and yachts. They are safest when in water or in dry dock/storage. If signs of infestation, contact SOS Pest Control immediately.

Termite Inspections
A termite inspection is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of a structure for evidence of termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Common areas of inspection are interior rooms, sub-areas, garages and attics. After the inspection has been performed, the findings are reported so that we may give you a complete and accurate estimate.

Termite Protection
There are a variety of treatment options available including pre-construction. Pre-construction termite control can help prevent future problems. Methods include soil treatments, using pre-treated building materials, and treating installed materials. Post construction termite control includes fumigation, soil injection or local drill and treatment.

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