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Bed Bugs

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Characteristics of Bed Bugs
Size: Up to 1/4-inch in length
Color: Reddish-brown
Shape: Oval

Pest Control for Bed Bugs
SOS Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control treatments for bed bugs and termites. Our bed bug and termite control protocols have a very high success rate and ensure that the likelihood of a return infestation is minimal.

We serve the San Jose, Campbell, Gilroy, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, Alameda County areas in the South San Francisco Bay Area. We have an exceptional staff of exterminators who follow procedure to the letter ensuring a uniform approach to controlling bed bugs that gets results. Part of achieving success with our procedures involves understanding these pests and how they operate.

Understanding Bed Bugs
These pests were very prevalent prior to World War II and were very difficult to eradicate. Subsequent advancements in the pest control industry in the 1940 allowed for much more effective treatment of bed bugs. Recently, these pests have resurfaced creating a major source of stress and anxiety for homeowners. Exterminators are the only professionals who are proficient at adequately removing bed bugs and termites from the home or business. An experienced exterminator will know how to recognize the correct species and utilize effective methods for treatment.

Travel To India?
If you travel back and forth to India or the surrounding countries, you may be unknowingly introducing bed bugs into your home and/or workplace. The San Francisco Bay Area has many travelers to India and it has become a known problem in the pest control industry here. Give SOS Pest Control a call – we can help.

Bed bugs tend to stay in door frames, bed frames, wall crevices, and cracks in the furniture. They remain hidden during the day and come out at night and crawl into beds while their victims are sleeping. They are typically not sighted in single family homes as much as in apartment buildings, motels, and hotels. The infestation typically starts with one room and spreads throughout the entire area.

Bed Bugs Control For Businesses
Bed bugs can be devastating not only for residents of an affected household, but for property owners who rent out apartments to tenants. In no time, an infestation can quickly spread from one unit to another, and eventually to other buildings, leading to an expensive and unpleasant experience that will ultimately hurt their bottom line.

In addition, these pests can wreak havoc on both a hotel’s guests and profits. If a facility develops a reputation for having bed bugs, it can be financially ruinous, scaring away future clientele even after the problem has been eradicated.

This is why it is imperative for property owners in the bay area to invest in hiring bed bug professional exterminators and control experts to keep these infestations from getting out of hand.

SOS Pest Control offers both treatment and prevention services that will help keep your home or business facility bed bug free.

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