Leave The Bed Bugs In The Hotel Room

Bed Bugs are considered to be some of the nastiest creatures you could bring into your home. The fear is that they are next to impossible to get rid of. The truth is that it’s mostly psychological damage that are done by Bed Bugs. The perception is that these pests are feeding on us while we sleep and giving us some horrible disease when in reality, Bed Bugs do not transmit disease to humans and most reactions to bites are no more than what you would get after being bitten by a mosquito.

Bed Bugs don’t just hide in beds as their name implies…they love sofas, chairs and virtually any other place where humans are sedentary for periods of time. Bed Bugs are attracted to body heat, carbon dioxide (when you exhale) and human odors.

All of that said, you do NOT want to invite these little buggers into your home – especially when there are simple steps to help prevent them altogether. A not-so-obvious way to carry Bed Bugs directly into your home is to bring them home from hotels in your suitcase. Yes, your Samsonite just might be an express transportation method for Bed Bugs directly to your cozy bed and couch.

How To Detect Bed Bugs In Hotels

As with in your own home, you can inspect a few areas of a hotel room where there may be signs of Bed Bugs. Look for black stains that is actually digested blood and appear as black spots similar to if you dotted the mattress with a fine tip felt pen. Sometimes you can actually see live bugs…you’ll know them when you see them. Another indicator that your hotel room is infested are skin castings which are brown in color and look like small “shells” from an insect.

Do yourself a favor and do a quick inspection BEFORE placing your suitcase on the bed and certainly before you open your suitcase.

Pest control experts (like SOS Pest Control) are trained to inspect the following areas with a bright flashlight (use your smart phone’s built-in flashlight!):

Mattress – Corners, mattress cover, blankets and sheets.

Box Spring – Seams, dust ruffles and bed frame and legs.

Headboard & Wall Hangings – Check behind headboards or wall hangings just above the bed.

Around The Bed – Lamps, alarm clock, phone, night stands, etc.

Naturally, if you see any of the above indicators of Bed Bugs in your hotel room, immediately take your belongings out into the hallway and call the front desk. Hopefully they will have a clean room (on another floor?) where you can sleep soundly knowing that you won’t be bringing any unwanted stowaways home to feed on you and your family.

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sosLeave The Bed Bugs In The Hotel Room