Time To Put Away Those Yellow Jacket Traps

Yellow Jacket Trap

Summer is coming to an end and so is Yellow Jacket season. It’s now that time of year to put away your traps until next Spring. The Yellow Jacket Cycle (a.k.a. Why You Should Set Traps Every Year) By mid-summer, the first adult Ywllow Jacket workers emerge and assume the tasks of nest expansion, foraging for food, care of the … Read More

sosTime To Put Away Those Yellow Jacket Traps

Tip: Don’t Invite Bed Bugs Into Your Home!

Beware What You Bring In! We’ve all found great furniture deals on Craigslist, a neighbor’s garage sale, the classifieds section of your local paper and at the flea market (there’s a hint). But do you really know the history of that mattress or couch? Most of us don’t even think of the possibility that we are bringing in bed bugs, … Read More

sosTip: Don’t Invite Bed Bugs Into Your Home!

What’s That Bug?

Also known as The Bugman, Daniel Marlos is the author of a blog called “The Curious World of Bugs.” With a healthy pest-free garden in Los Angeles, California, he is free to explore his love of bugs as well as share useful pest control tips. Be sure not to miss specialty posts on just about every insect in the U.S. … Read More

sosWhat’s That Bug?